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  • Visitor Information Center

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  • With the Crazy Mountains as the backdrop, a bronze statue of C.M. Russell greeting visitors, and the American flag waving next to the eye-catching welcome to Big Timber sign this neat little cabin is a unique VIC compared to many others. 

    The Sweet Grass Chamber of Commerce manages and staffs the Visitor Information Center (VIC). This is a role typically played by a Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), but since Big Timber is not large enough to have a CVB and tourism is such an important aspect of economic development, the Chamber willingly stepped into this responsibility.  

    The VIC is staffed from Memorial Day weekend through the end of September. The knowledgeable and friendly staff can answer questions, give directions, and share local tips. Nothing says welcome like a smiling real life person. 

    The VIC houses local brochures. Some people may ask, "why are brochures important when visitors have the internet?" The question is simply answered by some interesting statistics.

    • Seven out of ten visitors pick up at least one brochure while on a trip.  Of those, nearly half (42%) plan on purchasing goods or services as a result of picking up their brochure. 
    • Printed brochures, maps, and guides impacted the final decision a third of the time – behind the Internet and word of mouth.
    • The information is all right there in one spot, and it’s a cinch to glance over it all. Try to do that online!

    • Visitors are now AT the destination. A brochure rack has the opportunity to grab their attention as an additional activity besides the reason they are there.
    • Visitors don't have to filter through a thousand links, pages, and lists – they can instantly look at the top 3 inches of 150 brochures, scanning over them in perhaps two minutes instead of hours.