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  • The Unknown Norwegian

  • The statue of The Unknown Norwegian is a project that transcends time, looks back with respect and admiration to those who arrived before us and simultaneously looks forward to a future that we create together.

    The statue of The Unknown Norwegian will honor and commemorate the history and culture of those early Norwegians, along with immigrants from all corners of the world, who journeyed to Sweet Grass County, Montana where many became sheepherders and eventually made Sweet Grass County the largest wool-shipping center in the United States with over 1,000,000 pounds of wool shipped annually from Big Timber.  

    As a community, we and the statue of The Unknown Norwegian will:

    a) Represent and promote the art, culture and values of those early settlers - known and unknown.

    b) Draw attention to and help preserve family ranching and farming.

    c) Value the history of the local sheep, wool and cattle industries.

    d) Support rural ideals of caring for land, animals and the people of our community.