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  • Natural Bridge Falls & Picnic Area

  • This Forest Service day use area is a fantastic place to view the awesome force of water. During high water, The Boulder River spews over a 105-foot-tall limestone rock layer creating a spectacular waterfall. During low water, the entire river travels underground through eroded channels carved from 1000s of years of water pressure and erupts from several places below the falls. The rivers reemergence looks as if the river is bursting out of the cliff edge.  

    Historically there was a gravity defying natural bridge that crossed the river, hence the name Natural Bridge. However, in 1988, that natural feature collapsed due to limestone’s easy erodibility.  There are pictures on informational signs along the trail. Today, there is a manmade bridge safely carrying visitors from one side of the roaring river to the other. 

    Informational signs line the trails describing the geology and history of the area. Trailheads begin at Natural Bridge leading to great hikes. 

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