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  • 7 Locations You Can Cross off Your Bucket List by Visiting Big Timber, Montana

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    Steeped in history since the glory of the Northern Pacific Railway, Big Timber in Montana is a quick ticket toward satisfying outdoor adventure. Named after the enormous cottonwood trees lining the banks of the Boulder and Yellowstone Rivers nearby, the town offers locals and visitors alike the distinct opportunity to find relaxation and rejuvenation in a wide variety of natural environments. Whether you find yourself fishing creekside or wandering educational museum hallways, investment in a Big Timber destination vacation is always time well spent. Check out our recommendations for the top Big Timber attractions, 7 sight worthy locations worth striking from your bucket list in the American north!
    1. Natural Bridge Falls and Recreation Area

    If you’re looking to render the distance between yourself and the great Montana outdoors a short one, this is the perfect Big Timber beginning for you. At the Natural Bridge Falls and Recreation Area, you’re gifted sweeping views of the immediate landscapes around you, together with hiking venues and well-kept pathways. The Natural Bridge Falls and Recreation Area is also fitted with picnic facilities, so you’re invited to join family members or friends and enjoy a meal under expansive tree canopies.
    Open every day of the year regardless of climatic conditions, the Natural Bridge Falls and Recreation Area is your invitation to take in the Montana outdoors at a pace most comfortable for you. Rated as one of the best activities in Big Timber according to online reviewers, this location offers a complete portfolio of sights and sounds, complete with waterfalls, the nearby Green Mountain trailhead, and fishing opportunities!
    2. Yellowstone River Trout Hatchery
    Ever since the purchase of the land itself in 1919, the Yellowstone Fish Hatchery has operated solely as state land, for the purpose of yielding sustainable fish quantities. Today, the restricted access land was once the Big Timber Fish Hatchery, now known as the Yellowstone Fish Hatchery, and is now the home to the Yellowstone Cutthroat trout.
    Learn more about their fantastic operation with a private tour. Tours are available by appointment only, so do remember to call them before you head down to avoid disappointment.
    3. Prairie Dog Town State Park

    Just under 100 acres in total space, the protected Prairie Dog Town State Park in southeast Montana exists as one of the country’s foremost prairie dog habitats. An ecosystem maintained by park staff to allow prairie dogs to live unharmed and unaffected, the state park is easy to access, and even easier to enjoy. Bring the entire family by the park to learn even more about the prairie dog, its way of life, and its survival tactics; you’ll also learn about other indigenous flora and fauna, everything from the burrowing owl to the naturally-growing plant life.

    On the premises, individuals and groups can enjoy well-maintained picnic facilities, as well as interactive educational displays. Visitors are encouraged to take their time in exploring the vast property, but to allow the prairie dogs and other various species the space they need in order to thrive. You can also bring your well-behaved pet along for the adventure!
    4. Two Rivers Gallery

    A home for all sorts of renowned art in Big Timber, the Two Rivers Gallery is a nonprofit project dedicated to housing and displaying works from local acclaimed artists. Stop by the Two Rivers Gallery, for a constantly-changing portfolio of art of all kinds, everything from sculpture to painting. Feel free to stop by for a quick look, and if you’re intrigued by a particular selection, your purchase supports the local artist in their work.
    On the third Friday of each month, Two Rivers Gallery exhibits an entirely new showing, showcasing the finest in local artistic creations from jewelry to sketch art. Open Tuesday through Saturday, this gallery is also a destination for local school groups and sponsors workshops to foster community interaction.
    5. Boulder River

    A consistent flow of water that finds its origins deep in the Absaroka Mountains, the Boulder River flows into Big Timber before joining the Yellowstone River. At that junction or any time before, you can experience a wide variety of recreational opportunities along the side of the water. Take in the nature along the river’s bank or fish in the river for a quick catch. Adventurous travelers and locals are even encouraged to find themselves floating down the river itself, for a provision of rapidly-changing scenery, and ample opportunities to dock and explore the vibrant banks.

    Montana fly fishing also finds a worthy home at Big Timber’s Boulder River, a spot teeming with sport fishing venues. A Yellowstone Tributary, the Boulder River proves a worthy sight in its own right!
    6. McLeod Resort

    Pair your Big Timber, Montana experience with accommodations that deliver on high expectations for bedding and service alike. Close to the West Boulder River, you will find one of Big Timber’s premier hospitality venues, cabins that situate you to the vast majority of Big Timber bucket list items. Whether you stay at one of their guest houses or cabins, you’re gifted with a camping endeavor that allows first-class living amid Montana wildlife. Laundry provisions, together with furnished kitchens, electricity, bathrooms and serviced bedrooms are available on the premises, all for a price that offers sustainable mountain living!

    7. Crazy Mountain Museum

    Discover more of the foundation local history of Big Timber, Montana, at the Crazy Mountain Museum. Widely maintained by public efforts, the museum itself continues to educate and inspire all who walk through their inviting front doors. Comprehensive historic information on Sweet Grass County is available inside in a variety of forms, all exhibits that get you up close and personal to the county’s very beginning.

    From the art of Jack Hines to their accurate town re-creation diorama, the Crazy Mountain Museum proves equal parts interactive and informative, all serviced by knowledgeable experts and open for the entire family to enjoy!
    Fulfill your bucket list in Big Timber
    A perfect proximity to local sights and sounds make Big Timber, Montana your next deserving destination for outdoor recreation in the American north. State parks provide ample opportunities to explore diversified landscapes at your own pace, while art galleries and history museum complete a holistic Big Timber experience. Catch Big Timber fever, and cross these esteemed attractions from your Big Timber bucket list in no time. For more destination guides and accommodation reviews, hotels and vacation rentals, check out Trip101.
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